Beyond the Land of Castles

I remember how my grandfather, Giuseppe, used to tell me stories about his youth and how, when caught by the German troops, managed to escape and walked back home from Germany. I can still feel, through his memory, the strong sense of belonging to the place when he described the happiness to see again those mountains from far.
Beyond the Land of Castles is an examination of the importance of “local” through memory, and how modern society neutralizes it in the name of globalization. It is a universal story. It is a story of power, who has it and decides how development should look like, and who do not have it, and never will. As I explore the themes that most characterize this area, such as emigration and depopulation, I reflect on the importance of the values on which our personal and common memory are based upon to shake the assumptions that memories and past bring nostalgia not progress.

During my research, I was able to collect an enormous amount of archival pictures. These pictures are about the whole municipality from 1900. As I will use only a small part of it for my work, I have decided to create an online archive. I was surprised when I was repeatedly told by the locals “we threw away everything after the earthquake”.
This website is an attempt to re-build the history of the Faedese landscape but also to involve the community to keep it alive. Each person can upload his material and contribute to this “living archive”. The archive has also a video library section, “Tele Faedis”.
Tele Faedis was a television program about Faedis, broadcasted every Sunday from the end of the 70s to the end of the 80s. The initiator and funder of Tele Faedis was Dott. Pelizzo, the family doctor of the municipality.

Special thank to Pro Loco, Rini Petrigh, Pietro Poiana, Gian Carlo Gualandra, Mauro Cavallo e Corte Dei Molini

Tele Faedis

Beyond the Land of Castles